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Model Review: Donnie Russo

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Donnie Russo

Build: Rugged

Ethnicity: White

Hair: Brown

Donnie has been in the adult industry for about 17 years starting in the middle 80's when he began doing photoshoots for pictorial magazines like "Honocho." He began his film career in the early 90's, starting a solo film entitled "Beat Cop." From there his life would change forever and continue on to this day. Donnie has a world-wide following with all ages both gay and straight.

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Model Info: Dawson

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Name: Dawson 
Date of Birth: 6/18/1973
Height: 72 in
Weight: 185lbs
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Ethnicity: white

Winner of the 2007 VOD Awards Performer of the Year Award, this “power bottom” has taken more loads in his ass than nearly any other star.

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