Gay Asian Piss

GAP - Shower Shenanigans

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Owen wants to take a shower after hie got a load of piss all over himself from Albert’s full-to-bursting bladder. So our two horny twinks go downstairs for more good wetness. In the shower Owne has a hard cock ready to fucky his slut boy in good old fuck fashion. It slides right in to Albert’s tight ass. Albert is not done pissing yet, and squeezes out lots more yellow juice while het gets fucked. Get Wet at GayAsianPiss.

GAP - Piss Flood

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After a lot of wet and wild golden shower action in the previous two episodes, Albert and Owen get to work with a raw bareback fuck. The twinks enjoy their time on the bed a lot, and Owen ploughs his fuckbuddy’s ass so hard that it does not take long for him to pull out his cock, and shoot a nice creamy load on himself. Albert then goes to work to clean the dirty cock and eat the delicious fresh sperm.

GAP - A Wet Start

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Oliver has met a new friend who is ready for some hot, wild and kinky gay piss and watersports action. Owen has a bladder full of yellow gold waiting to be spilled in to Oliver’s eager and thirsty mouth. The two horny and slender lads start out in the shower, getting wet and slippery all over, before Oliver gets ready to swallow the first load of piss. Owen is happy to oblige so he can release some of the pressure on his bladder. And that is the start of lots of wild and wet fun for these cute boys. See More at GayAsianPiss.

GAP - Hard Fuckfest

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Owen gets more and more aroused and it does not take long before his cock is raging hard. So he wants to shove his meat in Oliver’s tight and slutty ass for the next stage of their wild piss party. Oliver gets to show of his muscled torso, and Owen needs to piss again. He releases another torrent right in to Oliver’s mouth. This gets Oliver in the mood as well and he sprays his urine over Owen’s body. After that they switch roles and Oliver fucks Owen, before they both piss on each other again.

GAP - Pee for Two

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These naughty gay Asian grunts know how to get things nice and wet, and Jimmy starts the festivities by emptying his bladder all over Stefan’s chest. Spraying his twinky lover with golden juice, Jimmy relieves himself of every last drop before Stefan laps at his cock head and returns the favor with more streams of warm yellow pee. The pair peel off their soggy uniforms and get back to their oral fixations. It’s not long before Stefan steps up the show and enters Jimmy’s puckering boycunt. Starting slowly and working towards ever deeper and faster thrusts, the twinks fuck bareback on the pee-stained bed. See More at GayAsianPiss.

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